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      Tom Keilman


      I’m considering placing an order for a new F350 7.3L Ford 4×4 and a Northern Lite Camper. I’m leaning toward the Crew Cab with FX and Camper Pkg and the NL 8-11EX Sportsman or SE trim level. Input from any F350 owners with Northern Lites is appreciated. Particularly as it relates to handling, suspension and upgrades to the truck as well as camper features you have or wish you had. I owned a FWC Grandby on an F250 for close to 20 years.

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      John Vansant

      Bigfoot owner here. Northern Lite truck campers have many wonderful features, but being “light” is not one of them. Just about any DRW truck will handle the NL well without modification. If you are considering a SRW truck even if you order the biggest, baddest heaviest suspension components available, you’ll still likely need aftermarket suspension mods, and in many cases exceed your trucks cargo and gross vehicle weight

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