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      ?’s: new Hallmark pop up / options

      Up to today I was fairly sold on Four Wheel Campers (a Grandby slide in)

      but a *new* Hallmark Everest (or a Hallmark EXC shell with a bunch of options) would have quite a few advantages (for a higher cost, granted)

      We would get a Ford F350 with 8’ bed. Biggest cab. 4×4. Custom ordered for sure, with the most payload possible from the factory. Gasser.

      We almost definitely would never tow. We hate towing. (so a 9.5’ pop up slide in would be fine)

      No hard core offroading, but yes desert washes, bad Forest Service Roads, dry river beds, rough roads, etc.

      Mostly south west USA camping, but would see some snow and freezing temperatures for sure.
      3 people in our family… Me, mom + our kid.


      one) For Hallmark owners – have you been happy with quality / fit / finish / warranty support / etc…. ?

      two) Does anyone make a similar 9.5’ long *pop up*?

      three) In the very slim chance we wanted to tow something (like a small U Haul trailer) is there a way to safely and legally tow with a hitch extension (with a 9.5’ Hallmark on the 8’ bed?

      Four) other than cost, any advantages of the FWC that I have overlooked?
      Yes these options add weight, but i think with a custom ordered, max capacity Ford F-350 … and how we travel… we’d be fine.

      Five) Generally speaking – if I got Shovel/Axe Kit and Sand Ladders & Bracket Kit – would they be lockable to diminish the odds of theft? (yes I know bold cutters work wonders)

      Six) anyone using the ALU Cab Shadow 270 degree legless awning? Looks awesome. I read great things about it. $1,500 plus installation.

      Seven) would I want (for $1,200) the Mylar Insulated Soft-Wall option (a Mylar 4th layer to the soft wall) ?

      Eight) Hallmark offers a 4.5, a 6 gallon and a tankless (!) water heater. Various prices. Anyone using a tankless?

      Nine) Hallmark offers a Grey Holding Tank PVC Truck Tank (not in the camper)
      Any downsides? Yes I know it could freeze.

      * * * Hallmark advantages: * * * (as far as I know)

      Hallmark has a fiberglass (Marine Gel Coat) exterior, with 4 flex joints that use flexible caulking to seal, and plastic board behind, so even if a bit of water got in, no problem. (plus I would be diligent about watching those caulked seams)

      Hallmark uses molded fiberglass composite exterior panels. I think this would transmit less cold into the interior, plus Hallmark has more insulation overall (insulation in floor, and a 3 layer insulated pop up fabric … where FWC lacks those things, for example)

      Hallmark can be 9.5’ long, no problem. Thus more space in dinette, counter space, etc.

      Hallmark offers 3 different bathrooms…. we’d likely get the 1/2 sized (very small) stall with Port a Potty, for the occasional indoor shower plus a bathroom. Yes I know moisture builds up when you take a shower inside, but I do very fast ‘on / off’ showers, and moisture is much less of an issue in Southern California and area. 😉

      Hallmark can be a fixed (no moving parts) north south cabover bed, unlike FWC. This is a huge plus for us. it is an extended nose. 16” $2,000 extra
      Our beds almost always stay beds (including the dinette) We are outside most of the time, and if need to, simply sit on the edge of the bed.

      Hallmark often does Lithium batteries and they do it at a fair cost. Over time Lithium batteries last 5x as long as AGM, and are very tough, so that would have advantages. Yes I know it needs to be a special controller.

      Hallmark would be willing to put in a bigger (side by side Novacool 7.2 CU foot side by side fridge freezer, and an inverter. FWC will do neither of those things.
      I think this is the model:
      Nova Kool RFS7501 7.5 CU FT AC/DC Side By Side Refrigerator & Freezer

      Matt at Hallmark seems extremely nice, passionate, smart, and very willing to make customizations that are possible. Prices seem fair. About a 5 month wait time.

      Thanks for any and all thoughts. 🙂


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      Take a look at this one, we have it and love it:


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      Don Chase

      I looked at several different TC brands – Alaskan, Hallmark, Four Wheel and Bundutec at last summer’s Overland Expo West. It was good to visit with each manufacturer, tour their models, and speak with them. In the end I chose the Bundutec BunduCamp TC. Why? Features, customizations, cost, quality, design, and manufacturer conversation. The BunduCamp is a well constructed TC. It has lots of features all at a reasonable cost. Rory Willet is a wealth of knowledge. All of the Bundutec staff were receptive, informative and friendly.

      My options are: 270 Awning, Truma Combi, Insulated windows, N-S bed, overhead cabinets, Heki skylight, solar panel – both top mounted and suitcase, dual batteries and various kitchen mods. The construction time is about 5 months, although I have not received it yet – scheduled pick-up is March-April.

      Good luck!

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      Coly Hope

      I visited Hallmark, Outfitters, and Four Wheel this past spring and liked them. Hallmarks are very nice but also expensive.

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      I sold my basic FWC Hawk, visited the Hallmark factory and was about ready to order. Stumbled on a lightly used Tiger RV for the same price as a new truck and Hallmark. Bought the used Tiger and have never regretted the switch from a popup. Now a couple years and 50,000 miles in, I am thinking of adding a Wrangler Rubicon toad. The Tiger will get me and the Jeep to the trail head. The Jeep will take over the day excursions.

      2012 Tiger CX Ram diesel 4x4

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      Tiger Rag

      I second the suggestion to look at Outfitter. They really have a smart layout and have some semi custom options. The owner is the former owner of Hallmark. I don’t think you can go wrong with Hallmark though, just a little more $.

      2012 Camplite TC10
      2004.5 Dodge Ram 3500 QCLB Cummins 4x4

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      anyone else have any info about Hallmarks? or other thoughts? 🙂


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        Mello Mike

        Hallmark campers are very nice, but also very expensive because of the fiberglass construction. You mentioned in another thread that you liked the Truma Combi. If you want one, only Bundutec, Alaskan, and Hallmark offer it but only in select models. Bundutec seems to be the only company to offer the Combi in numerous models and will accommodate lots of custom work as well.

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      Thanks Mike..

      I forget the exact reasons I am going with Hallmark

      perhaps it is because we want a 9.5′ long, but light pop up camper

      with space for 3 adults to sleep…

      including a (very small) inside shower stall (1/2 height) plus a wide fridge.



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