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      ?’s about options on a custom order 2020 Ford F-350 6.2L gasser

      I have a couple questions (below) but for clarity – the truck we are about to order (for our forthcoming, always mounted pop-up truck camper) is listed at the very bottom. This is our first ever truck purchase. Please be kind to us newbies. 🙂

      so – do we want these following items that we are unsure on?

      Unsure if we want the (approx $500) 5th-Wheel/Gooseneck Trailer Tow Prep Package (4X4) as I need to check with Pop Up Truck Camper manufacturer if we need the One (1) integrated 7-pin connector on driver’s side pickup bed wall

      Unsure if we want the (approx $1,000) Adaptive Steering System – Thoughts? “At lower speeds, the steering ratio decreases, requiring fewer turns of the steering wheel — and less steering effort. At higher speeds, the steering ratio gradually increases, producing a steering feel that is firmer and more controlled.”

      Unsure if we want the BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-traffic Alert and Trailer Tow (approx $540) as I believe the width of the pop up truck camper will block the BLIS sensors, and make those little yellow lights always on. An owner of pop up camper made by same company, with a similar Ford, said his BLIS lights were always on when the camper was in the bed.

      Unsure if we want the Exterior Backup Alarm. I hear it is as loud as heck, so would annoy neighbors at campsites, but it is a huge truck, and we will have to back out of our driveway, with big hedge up to sidewalk… …. I would never want to hit anyone! :-/ TBD

      Unsure if we want the Black Hood Defector. (about $130)

      Any info as to if the LED Headlamps/Taillamps (2019 = $1k option) will be standard on the 2020 Lariat? I hear rumors of YES. 🙂

      Unsure if we want the “Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System” ($1,000) to get the included “Customer-Placed Trailer Camera” (we would place it on the camper rear)
      “customer-placed camera will provide a helpful view of what’s behind your trailer. Prep kit includes camera and wiring.

      Unsure if we want the (approx $325) Wheel Well Liner – Front/Rear
      Washing off the midwest road salt off the underside of the truck (at home) might be harder with these wheel well liners in place…. thoughts?

      Running boards – i hear a lot of talk of rusting running boards. Thoughts on aftermarket ones that wont rust (we are in the midwest)?


      2020, Ford F-350 , 8’ box-
      6.2L V8 gasser, Single Rear Wheel (SRW) 4×4,
      Rear Axle Ratio: 4.30 with Electronic Locking
      11,4000 GVWR Package
      (this GVWR means the tires change to LT275/70Rx18E BSW A/T, 4×4 Tires – at least in 2019….)
      Camper Package (for sure, as we are getting a camper)
      176” wheelbase (the longest possible)
      10 speed transmission (new)
      Crew cab (5 seater, with front center console)
      Skid plates a la carte (not the FX4 package as the FX4 shocks are lousy)
      Definitely want to include the Lariat VALUE PACKAGE (about $700) to get: “easy entry/exit memory driver’s seat, ….. power-adjustable pedals with memory, power heated/cooled driver and passenger seats with driver’s side memory, PowerScope® trailer tow mirrors with memory, and Remote Start System.”
      Power Equipment Group – should be included in 2020 Lariat. We’ll need to double check. 🙂
      (Don’t want the $2,000 Tow *Technology* package – we dont need those things as we hate towing and will *never* tow)
      we want the Alternator – “Extra Extra Heavy-Duty” (approx $85)
      we want the Engine Block Heater (about $100)
      we do want the LED Roof Marker/Clearance Lamps (about $95)
      we do want the (2nd) Medium Duty Battery (about $210) – this adds a 2nd battery.
      We want the FIXED GLASS rear window. We do NOT want the Power sliding window (unless it is included no charge)
      We do want the “Skid Plates – Transfer Case and Fuel Tank” (about $100) but NOT the cheesy FX4 package. (those shocks are lousy)
      PowerScope® Telescoping Trailer Tow Mirrors are supposedly included. We want these for sure.
      Tires included are: LT275/70Rx18E BSW A/T
      Black Leather interior. (40/console/40 split bench seat)
      Yes we want to get the Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support. (may be included in 2020 Lariat)
      We will do aftermarket 3rd party floor mats, and keep the stock carpeting.
      we want “Inflatable Rear Outboard Safety Belts (Crew Cab®)” (about $200 (if available – heard rumors they are not available for 2020)
      We want the “Universal Garage Door Opener” ($125)
      We want the “Upfitter switches” ($165)

      For a 2019 – List price at ford.com built this way is basically $62k. (plus tax, etc)

      thanks!! 🙂

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      John Perz

      Re: the backup alarm – It would be a lot simpler to add an aftermarket alarm that you wire into a simple manual switch. Turn it on when you need it, leave it off when you don’t.

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      Re: the backup alarm – It would be a lot simpler to add an aftermarket alarm that you wire into a simple manual switch. Turn it on when you need it, leave it off when you don’t.

      Thanks John – I hadn’t thought of that – that is a perfect solution. 🙂

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