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      Dan Zacks

      Hi Everyone,

      I have a RAM 2500 Tradesman carrying a Palomino HS-8801. The cab over blocks our Antenna and I am thinking of running a magnetic antenna to the hood front edge.

      I’d like to put a switch of some sort so when the camper is off the truck the OEM antenna will work

      Has anyone tried something like this or have another solution?



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      I mounted my Sirius magnetic puck on the trailing edge of the hood. This works well. I lose the signal rarely when in the narrow canyons here in NM.
      Passenger side kick panel is usually where the antenna is connected. No adapter required for the Sirius puck.

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      Dan Zacks

      Thanks 53Gunner,

      Did you have any trouble running the antenna wire into the engine compartment?
      Also, any tips on how to identify the Sirius cable vs any others?


      Thank you

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      Route the cable under the door weatherstrip and then into the engine compartment. Zip tie the cable underneath the hood giving plenty of slack between the back of the hood and the firewall.
      Sirius XM High Gain Interoperable Magnetic Satellite Radio Car Antenna

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      Not sure what year your RAM is, or if you have the GPS (I’m betting as a Tradesman you don’t), but Infotainment offers relocation kits.

      We relocated ours (using the softmount kit) on our 4500. Scroll down on the page for more options.

      We routed our cable thru under the driver side dash and poked a hole in the rubber around the column area.

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      Steve Stracke

      We have the same problem with out 2019 F-350 (special ordered with Camper Package). Initially I reached out to Ford Corporate Customer Service regarding this design flaw with pathetic results. Then I attempted to resolve the issue via an independent stereo shop, then a Ford dealership (I also had a Ford dealership decline to even attempt to resolve the design flaw). Both shops went above and beyond;however they were ultimately unable to restore both satellite radio and GPS. So this is our current “solution.” The Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna Kit used by others in this thread mounted on the plastic cowling (passenger side at base of windshield) solves satellite radio issue. We purchased a Garmin RV 890 GPS for routing.

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      I had the same problem with my Ford F-250, with a FWC Project M. I had a local shop move the Sirius antenna for me, since I lack the necessary skills and would just muck it up and then have to take it to them anyway.

      They relocated the antenna to the front edge of the cab and it works fine. I lose reception less than I did with the stock setup.


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      Scott Launey

      I have the same problem anytime I’m heading NE to NW. I have a Ford F350; Northstar 850 cab over. The Sirius antenna is factory built in on the dash, center as far forward as it can go. Is there a way to plug a separate antenna into the radio? Also I can find no way to plug in a separate Sirius receiver or anything with a mini jack. Any ideas? Scott

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