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      On our last mulit-day outing we were just getting back to pavement from Toroweap when the “check engine” light came on. We called the Ram road service number and they offered to tow us to St. George. Since we were at Jacob Lake and heading for Tucson, that didn’t appeal to us. I called the service center at the dealer there and after discussing it for a while, was told to drive it home. (This is a RAM 3500 diesel) Did so with no apparent issues.

      When we took it in to the dealer, they checked it out and told me it was because the vehicle had failed to detect the backup camera/sensor(?) in the tailgate, which we of course had removed to mount our Lance 650. When I asked why it had waited over a year to realize the tailgate was missing, I got the ‘ole “I dunno, these things happen.” He was positive, however, that we had no other issues with the vehicle that could be causing the light to come on. It is still on.

      So. Does anyone else have this issue? Or even heard of it?
      Bryan — Puzzled in Tucson still…

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      Mello Mike

      Nope. Never heard of that. The only time the CEL ever came on for us in the 4.5 years we’ve owned our Ram 3500 is when we got a bad batch of diesel.

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      I have a 2016 DRW, CC, LB, 6.7 Laramie 4×4, and removed the tailgate (disconnected camera) without a CEL…I don’t know if it matters but do have the optional cargo bed camera, but it doesn’t come on when in reverse…

      3 tons

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      Pretty much the response I expected! It does sound a little goofy.

      I don’t have the optional cargo bed camera, otherwise it’s a pretty much stock 2014 Laramie 3500 4×4, SRW, shortbed.

      Maybe I’ll try another service rep?

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