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      I could use a little input and help on deciding about a rear view camera system.

      We’re getting a new (to us ?) truck and camper combination and I would like to get a full-fledged rear view camera system (NOT just a backup camera — I would like the whole nine yards: left lane/right lane views along with behind)

      I’m not even at the point of trying to decide on any brand yet: my question is even more basic:
      Should I have the dealer install their Chevy Silverado “integrated, 3 camera, rear plus side views” towing camera system?
      Or should I go for a high quality triple-view aftermarket package ?

      I’ve purchased the truck and the dealer is now putting in a couple of other upgrades we want.

      The dealer installed system looks very nice — it has the cameras hidden in the outboard side of the towing mirrors and the rear-view camera will be mounted on the camper rear (after we purchase the camper?)
      It all looks very slick and the online videos are nice but I have one (major) caveat:

      Anyone who has experience with this system please chime in and correct me if I’m wrong — but it appears that the camera images take over the entire “infotainment system” screen while in operation.

      This seems like a big red flag to me…I can easily envision a situation where my favorite passenger is helping me navigate a difficult bit of city freeway mayhem by watching the onscreen map while I simultaneously want to watch what’s happening in all three lanes.

      If anybody out there with experience with the integrated Chevy Silverado tow camera system could give me any input on how it works and how they like it I would really appreciate it…or ANY ideas or opinions…

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      Well, I can not chime in on the full camera system and I never really felt I needed one. However, at some point I would like to add a back up camera. What I seen a lady do on YouTube was very clever. She bought a wireless back up camera and display screen. When she was backing up she sat the screen on her dash, when she was done backing up she took the wireless screen with her and set it up in her truck camper. Now if she gets a nock on the door she can see who it is before she opens the door. Plenty of strange people out there in National forest and such. Her wireless system was infa-red and she could even see who/what was at the door or in back of camper at night.

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      Are you saying you want to view your surroundings in the infotainment screen while navigating city freeway mayhem? I think (and I hope) most integrated camera systems are disabled while travelling forward at any speed.

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