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      Most of us understand that tire maintenance is critical for maximum life and safety. Owning a dually truck for the first time presented a new problem for me recently. Thankfully Milton Industries came to the rescue with a high quality 500 series air inflator. The company has been around for decades and apparently has been making this model since the 40’s. Now I can reach and properly inflate the rear inside tire. The devise comes with a built in gauge and looks to be built with very high standards. The thing I immediately noticed while using it yesterday was when I pushed the end onto the valve there was no leakage and the pressure from the tire pressurized the devise. For only 35 to 45 dollars I feel this inflator is a must have. Pair it with a low and high pressure mechanical gauge and you will be ready for proper tire maintenance. Be aware that tires loose air on a daily basis, expect a few PSI drop every month.

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