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      Mark G

      The propane/CO detector in my popup truck camper has been going off regularly during my recent camping trips — always in the middle of the night, and not when the camper is sitting unused in my driveway. I have had the camper checked for propane leaks twice and replaced the detector once, but the problem continues. The service people who looked at it most recently said the problem may be due to the small volume of the popup camper, which allows CO generated by exhaling and maybe other sources to concentrate much more than would occur in a larger camper. Does this seem reasonable? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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      Phil Patterson

      What you exhale is not CO (carbon monoxide) but rather CO2 (i.e. carbon dioxide) which in spite of ‘popular rumors’ to the contrary is a plant fertilizer…Your detector is not designed to detect CO2 else it would likely be going off all the time, and the fact that you’ve already swapped out your detector suggest that you have either a LPG or CO issue…The most likely sources would be from either the commissioning of your LPG system, stove top or exhaust gases from the furnace…

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