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      How & where in your TC do you store a portable generator & gasoline can while on the road?

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      Honda 2000 in the back seat area of the truck. With the gas cap vent closed I don’t even know its there. No smell at all. The gas can, I put on the back of the camper strapped down. Sometimes on the hitch carrier and sometimes just strapped to the porch of the camper. If its a quick weekend trip I don’t bring extra fuel at all as I don’t need the generator to run more than the nine hours or so it can off the onboard tank.

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      Mello Mike

      I just bought a Honda generator after not having one for several years. I won’t always bring it with us on our trips, but when we do, we’ll be hauling on our front bumper on our new Torklift Lock and Load Hitch Hauler. The Lock and Load keeps the generator secure and prevents theft. It’s also large enough for both a generator and a gas can. Here’s a pic of my setup:

      Lock and Load

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      I had a box built to my specs and mounted to the back of my Lance 815.

      Rear view of TC

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      Our Northern Lite 8.11 has a compartment built for a generator on the right rear side of the camper so that I where we put our Honda 2000. As far as gas goes, I have two, small one gallon plastic cans that I can put underneath the removable rear step. It works great but the fact of the matter is, we rarely use a generator (bought it mostly to run the A/C) because most of our camping is at elevation in the mountains here in Wyoming where it rarely gets hot enough to need it. I like having it though just in case I need power for other things.

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      I store the Honda 2000 genny and gas in the camper’s rear wing Hatch…Because of the possibility of a road accident, you might try a puncture resistant fuel bladder like this:


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      ’02 F350CC, Factory hitch. Added extra slider receptacle to hitch. Built pad for genny. 1/8in tube, diamond plate top. Pic shows extra tubing on right side. These are not needed but added for Honda 3000 if i want to carry that one. The place to start is mounting a new slider receptacle where you see that it will not interfere with anything else and build out from there. can send pics
      Disclaimer: i am not a certified welder or stress engineer so i “overbuilt” it hoping there will be not problems. Have been on a 4000 mile trip north and back and a 600 mile trip also north and back, no problems at all.

      Genny Pad

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        Very nice design. I would really appreciate your detailed pics. Do you run the generator when it is on the rack? That would be a real bonus.
        I have made numerous mods on my Bigfoot…let me know if I can reciprocate with anything.



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      Wow, looks like a very creative addition Sir, a resounding two thumbs up!!

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      John Perz

      Do you run the generator when it is on the rack? That would be a real bonus.

      I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be concerned with exhaust getting into the camper with it running that close to the door. I would prefer it to be near the front of the truck (maybe padlocked to the bumper) when it was running. I suspect it would be quieter there too.

      Do any of you let your genny run at night while you are sleeping, maybe to power an A/C?

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        I will run the gen at night if it is extremely hot or my 2 Fantastic fans and inside fan don’t cut it. It will be located at least 10′ away. If there is a predictable prevailing wind then I may run it off my external camper location, that a sepatate sunject! It is very noisey.
        Where I live, north of Toronto, it is not really an issue. We only get 2 seasons, winter and August.

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      Grant Furness

      I just put it in the camper and hit the road.

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