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      I am looking for some ideas/inspiration for a cover for my generator that is mounted on a platform external to my TC. (see pic). I need a cover for the elements but must meet a couple criteria. Currently I use a strap to hold the gennie on the platform tightly so it doesn’t move on rougher off road riding. Secondly, I need ability to lock it up. I run the strap and a cable lock through the gennie handle but a cover will, well, cover the handle. One thought is a cover that drops down over the top of gennie and cinches with a drawstring under the platform. This may have some small gaps that would allow small amounts of dirt through but allow me to strap the gennie down with current method but the locking part is still a problem.

      Just looking to see if others here have some similar set ups and possible solutions. I have a friend that can sew up a cover out of some sort of heavy duty fabric (thinking either canvass or vinyl?) Looking forward to any ideas or solutions others have used with success.


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