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      We are newbies. Going to purchase a Northstar 850SC (pop up). However we have certain limitations on vehicle length. This leaves us with a couple of choices:

      On F150 4×4 it must be 6.5 bed SuperCab or SuperCrew, payload at low end of 2200 pounds, up-to 2640 pounds (GVWR 7850).

      The Wet Wt of the 850SC is approximately 2200 pounds. Including passengers and gear we would exceed the payload of the F150 (e.g., estimate 2900 pounds). Various sources have said, this slight overage isn’t a factor that should eliminate the F150 as choice vehicle.

      Install air bags, E rated tyres and we would be AOK in the F150.

      Has anyone got a similar configuration and experience? If it OK to drive over the payload?

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      John Perz

      “Is it OK to drive over the payload?”

      Well, lots of people apparently do, but I don’t think it’s “OK”.

      I suggest you take a look at this:

      Click to access 182-smartweighpamphlet-web-0415.pdf

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      My opinion:

      – first it is your and your families risk for live and injuries.
      – second it is a rik to all other people in the traffic around you
      – third is the risk to pay your insurance fees without any coverage…

      The F-150 is definitely not built for this weight. I would recommend to go with a F-250 or F-350 SRW. And if possible take a Longbed ( 8ft) for better weight distribution.

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      Joel Gambino

      Don’t trust the manufacturer’s weight numbers. My Palomino SS1251 weight sticker said 1737 lbs. dry. I added to that the weight of 16 gal fresh water, propane, 100 lbs of stuff and arrived at an estimated wet weight of 2007 lbs. Then I actually weighed it and it was 2262 lbs. (with the freshwater only 1/2 full). Apparently the manufacturer’s dry weight did not include the air conditioner or power jacks. But even when I added the weights of those, I was still short of the actual weight of the camper.

      Get the actual weight of the camper. Many have said, and I agree, manufacturers should weigh each camper and provide the actual weight.

      As far as overloading, I always like to be under the rated capacity, never over it.

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      I never understand the intent of this question. If someone has already made up their mind to ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations what could someone else add ” yeah we ignored it too”?

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      Coly Hope

      Airbags and stableloads doesn’t increase your trucks payload it just helps with the handling of your truck with the truck camper on it.

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