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      I am using my Arctic Fox 990 away from home base and have a leaking outdoor shower faucet assembly, see photo. I do not see any leakage inside unit, just outside. Slow seeping around the cold valve. I think if I disconnect the plumbing from inside and then loosen the large hex behind the quick connect fitting the faucet assembly should come off. If anyone has 1st hand experience, I would appreciate your input.

      What size hex socket does it take?
      Is the assembly repairable or should I plan on replacing?
      Do I need any sealers for reassembly?


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      Can’t say I’m all too familiar with RV faucets, but on most faucets if you remove the knob (by removing the clear plastic insert) you may find a hidden nut beneath that can be snugged up a bit…


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      2Z Bundok

      I agree with Phil. If the leak is outside start there. If you are relying on it working until home it may be best to leave it leak before fiddling inside.

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