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      Coly Hope

      I was wondering how well off-road trucks like the Dodge Power Wagon and Ford Raptor perform when carrying a truck camper. I know that the payload on off-road trucks is not as much as other 3/4 ton trucks but I have seen photos and videos of off-road trucks carrying pop up truck campers. I would also like to know if off-road trucks are good for cross country travel since I would like to make at least one trip out East with it.

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      Mello Mike

      Hi Coly.
      If payload is the single thing you’re after then I would skip the Raptor and Power Wagon. The payload ratings of each are only 1,200 pounds and 1,500 pounds, respectively. However, if the pop-up TC you have in mind is comfortably below these ratings then these trucks are pretty outstanding for off-road exploration. Especially the Power Wagon which comes with a Warn winch, lockers, size 33 tires, and a quick disconnect front sway bar.

      As for cross country travel, both trucks handle very well on pavement.

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      Coly Hope

      Thanks for the response, Mike. The Power Wagon and Raptor seem really nice but they are very expensive and I am not sure how much time I will spend driving over rocks driving to the top of a mountain.

      As I have searched for what I have wanted I have gone back between hard slide and pop up. I am sure my truck will be a 3//4 ton or one pickup depending on which is the better deal.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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