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      Hi Mike and Forum readers,
      Finally proceeding on getting a truck and TC after too many years of research (a good deal on your site) and waiting for various reasons.

      In particular I’ve used this article as basis for decisions.

      We’ve always been wilderness/boondockers in some manner, want to continue that style with TC camping so the article pointed us to an Adventurer 80RB (small but larger than a 2 man tent or van!) and the truck I am very close to purchasing is an F250 4WD short bed, 148″ WB, Super cab.

      I now wonder about our choices because your rig seems to be a lot larger in all directions than what I am looking at, in particular the truck. We’ll be OK with the 80rb for a good number of reasons.

      1) will the truck be too long with Crew rather than Super Cab, or weight distribution too far back, cause I’d rather have the Crew than Super?

      Should we be going for a F350 even though the TC has a low dry weight and the rig seems to have enough payload?

      The 250 4wd Crew Gas 148 WB supposedly has a GVWR 9900 to 10000, approx. Payload 3305. But I see a Forum discussion on your site saying you can’t trust the Mfr weight info.

      My calculations are:
      F 250 – GVWR 9900 – 6700 curb weight (an arbitrary figure no doubt found on www) = 3200 payload.

      80 rb (according to article on site) Dry 1757 lbs = 1000 lbs passenger, fuel, water, equipment = 2757.

      If these are just even close than the rig I am looking at should be fine it would seem (if we never want a larger TC) with almost 500 lbs to spare.

      The article on your site is not clear if the 80rb dry weight is for a basic model or with any kind of extras, solar panels for example.

      Any thoughts you can share with me would be a help because I expect to purchase a Truck this week.

      Thanks so much. The site is TERRIFIC! One of best websites for anything I think (former systems developer). It works, has great useful info, nice design, no pop-up ads.

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      I’m now able to leave a comment after Mike’s I.T. guy fixed the glitch on this site. Am I too late in responding? Have you made your move yet on a truck camper? If so, tell us what you bought and how it’s working out.
      regards, jefe

      2020 Ford F-350 XLT FX4 4WD SRW SB SC 7.3L Godzilla Gas TorqShift 10R140 397 amps dual Alt dual batts Frnt Dana 60; Rr Dana M275 E-locker 4.30's 4580/4320/4066# payload 7243# curb wt. 11,300# GVWR 5-er prepped. 2020 Northstar Laredo SC, 12v compressor fridge, cassette, 320w Solar sub zero insulation.

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        Its gonna be a 250 4×4.
        TC either an adventurer 80rb or Laredo SC.

        Stay tuned.

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