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      So I’m a noob, and so far just an armchair truck camper. The last time I was in a camper was maybe during the Ford administration. But I’ve been doing a bunch of reading & looking and this is driving me nuts:

      How is it that so many truck campers have galleys butting up against the cabover? Don’t people inevitably wind up using one of those galley surfaces as a step? Some layouts have the sink or even the stove right up against the front/cabover wall.

      If it were me climbing in & out of the cabover, I’d quickly come down with a case of “hotfoot” or “dishtoe.” Is everybody else just that much less of a klutz than I am?

      Seriously though, how is having a stove right below the sleeping area not a huge safety hazard, from burns to feet or even fires from bedclothes draping onto a hot stove?

      I must be missing something here. I’d appreciate any of your insights & thoughts on this.

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      For anyone not sleep-walking, not an issue.

      Our stove is next to the bed — not an issue. Just be aware of it and make it a habit to use the step provided to access the bed area instead of the stove or sink.

      We also never turn on the stove and then wander off, so the bedding throwing itself onto the flames without us noticing is never going to happen.


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      Thanks so much for your response, Bryan. 🙂

      I guess, since all my previous truck-camping experience was as a kid, I’m thinking of all the wriggling, bouncing, do-si-do-ing that happens with four kids & a pair of parents in a half-ton-truck-suitable camper.

      It would be interesting to know how many, if any, injuries or camper fires have been related to stove-cabover-adjacent layouts; but I doubt if anyone collects data like that.

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      Seems to me like a non-issue. Never a problem in either of our truck campers. 🙂

      Steve and Andra
      2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
      Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
      2019 Northstar Laredo SC

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