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      I have a Northstar Laredo, I was told when I’m driving the truck charges the truck battery. So when I’m camped and not plugged in to shore power, but still on the truck and plugged in to the truck, is the camper also getting juice from the truck? Which would be nice because I can always unplug it from the truck. Thanks for your help!

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      Phil Patterson

      The best way to find out would be to simply disconnect the camper’s battery cable and see if power remains say with the lighting, but if so, know that the truck battery is a starting battery (not a deep cycle battery), so depending on your usage it could be inadvertently drawn down before you even realize it – IMO you’re far better off to supplement with solar.


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      Alex Blasingame

      Check the camper for a battery isolator that automatically disconnect the camper from the truck electrical system. If there is none you should install a dc to dc isolator or you find yourself with a dead truck battery, this happen to us when we were noobie.

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      Ford kill the charge lead when the battery is off. Other brands may not. Takes about one minute using a meter to check.

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