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      Just purchased a used 2007 Hallmark Ute. It came with 100 watt solar, all LED lights, twin 6 v batteries and a 2000 watt inverter. Everything works. Even pre-wired for a gen set.
      All this is carried on my 2015 Ford 4×4 diesel. I am looking forward to customizing it to make it mine. I will be carrying a fishing kayak on a trailer until I can make a roof loader then it will live on the top.

      I have all new torklift tie downs and stable loads installed myself. Picked it up in SC, and drove to Miss and it handled great. Next trip I will boost the tire pressure from 60 to 80 psi that should make it feel more solid.

      As soon as I can get it outfitted with necessities we will make the first trip.
      Just wish I would have done this when I was younger. Just turned 74.

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      Mello Mike

      Welcome, Joe, to the wonderful world of truck campers. Love your setup. It should handle nice where ever you take it. It’s never too late to get started.

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