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      We will be taking delivery of our new Scout Yoho in a little over a week. The dry weight as equipped will be 1200 lbs.

      The truck is a ’21 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ crew cab, std bed, 5.3L gas. It is my daily driver. The camper will be carried only on camping adventures.
      Specs per labels:
      GVWR = 7100 lbs
      GAWR = 3800 lbs front & rear
      Curb Weight = 5382 lbs
      Payload = 1718 lbs
      CWR = 968 lbs

      The actual (CAT scale wgt) of the truck with a full tank of gas and fluids is 5400 lbs. 3200 on the front axle and 2200 on the rear. We won’t be carrying passengers in the rear seats so, technically we will have an additional 450 lbs available for cargo weight bringing the total to about 1400 lbs. Based on our tent camping experiences we travel pretty light. But, I will acknowledge that we will be operating near the sticker margins.

      There is a sticker number that puzzles me. The maximum gross tongue weight rating for a gooseneck trailer is listed at 1335 lbs. I do not understand how that can exceed the CWR? It is my understanding that payload is payload . The tongue weight is a downward force on the truck chassis which is part of the payload. Can someone enlighten me?

      Based on my readings on this site, the general consensus, is to not invest in suspension aids until after you have experienced the ride with your camper. Let that experience guide you. Based on the numbers that I have shared, are we too close to the margins to not do something before the first trip?

      Lastly, what about tires. The truck has new tires with a Load Index of 115, rated at 2679 lbs at 44 psi. That’s 5358 lbs capable, or 140% of the axle weight rating and well above what we will be carrying. We are not “backcountry” campers. Do we really need Load Range E tires?

      Thanks in advance,


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      Phil Patterson

      Well, just a brief thumbnail sketch, camper empty is 1,200#, truck payload is 1718#,
      So that’s about 518# remaining cargo capacity…Now for ‘real world’ weights (ugg!!) deduct from that:

      Vehicle passenger weight
      Fuel weight
      Any camper ‘options’ such as jacks, air conditioner, portable refer, solar, etc.
      Battery weight
      Water weight
      LPG weight
      Any Carry along supplies

      So with only about 1600# available cargo weight… If it were me I’d be concerned about very little if any reserve (especially if towing or bikes – NOT!!), and of course braking ability…Just saying 🙂

      Two campers and a 2500, two 3500’s DRW, and a 5500 flatbed later…JMHO

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