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      bill delorey

      My truck — 2015 Chevy 4×4 Dbl Cab SB 2500HD – all stock suspension

      Can’t get a solid answer – every shop I call tells me ****XXX brand shocks is best, whatever they sell as a standard, and several say buy Struts for front, and shocks for rear. Except that’s for a 1500, not a 2500HD which has shocks front and rear. Not a lot of trust asking there due to the struts comment, and we have no regular mechanic yet as we’re fairly new in this area. Plus so few know about TC’s in Florida, just TT and Fiver, mostly.

      I get a bit of a vibration in ride after 48,000 miles, and believe it might be stock shocks issue. Mostly when riding empty, as it rides fine when TC loaded. Some guys say shocks won’t help, some say it will … most have a ‘sell me shocks’ agenda, of course.

      I don’t like air bags because we take camper off and on a lot, and don’t want to ‘adjust’ each time …. I’m one that wants to add stuff and never touch it, not adjust it, just drive… plus have a back injury so can’t so all that squatting for adjustable stuff — I know we can do remote, but I’d prefer not adjusting at all. Just me and my feelings, I guess.

      Anyway, I know a 2500HD will never ride like a Cadillac, but would like to get some of the roughness over back roads out of it. Both with and W/O camper on it.

      Do you think new- stiffer shocks – will help?? Was thinking KYB, but it does not make a shocks for 2500HD, so am thinking Bilstein more than Monroe, and Monroe only has a sub shock, not really made for the 2500HD … Don’t mind spending the money, but want to make sure it helps the ride.

      Do you guys have any advice?? Thx

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      you have asked a very suggestive question…as you have found out, ask 10 people and get 10 different answers…lol
      you are right about the ride thing, these are HD trucks meant to haul, so no matter what you choose, you are still dealing with a stiffer, stronger leaf pack that won’t flex as well as say a 1500.
      whatever you choose, i would go with a nitrogen shock, fairly decent ride empty, but enough wheeties to take a good load and not pogo the truck.
      as you have prob heard bilstiens mentioned before, they are IMHO one of the better shocks out there.
      if money is not a consideration, i myself would go with some King shocks-pretty much top shelf in shocks’
      and you could always look at the rancho 9000 adjustable shocks.
      i know you say you don’t like to adjust, but you can get the in cab controller- just turn the dial-no fuss, no muss…

      i have also never had a vibration from a shock. had ’em from bad tires, u-joints, bushings, tranny’s, crooked frames, busted leafs, but never from a shock….

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      bill delorey

      Well, to clarify – not really a continuous vibration, rather individual vibrations when the truck hits something – rock, dip, small pothole etc. Doesn’t quite “bottom out”, but more of a jolt, but tolerable. I’m hoping shocks will help that, along with the new tires, altho the tires now have 24K miles on them and still ride fine with good tread…

      I did have more of a vibration for awhile at first. Tried to figure it out, dealer said NO to tires. Three dealers later, finally, dealer replaced all four tires under warranty, which fixed that vibration. Gave me credit and I upgraded to BFG 285’s and a much better ride.

      I’ll probably go with Bilstein, and maybe eventually an anti-sway. I might go back to Timbrens too, which I installed in last truck – 2003 GMC- and kept those, but won’t fit on the 2015.
      Kept the anti-sway bar too, but it won’t fit either.

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      A Big Wig sway bar and King 2.5 shocks has my Tiger RV purring on rough, windy back roads. Bilstein and Rancho’s I had faded in short order on long back roads. The big King 2.5’s don’t fade.

      2012 Tiger CX Ram diesel 4x4

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      Joseph Reeves

      I’m late in the game with my response. The OP mentioned not wanting to install airbags because:
      I’m one that wants to add stuff and never touch it, not adjust it, just drive”
      Try a set of Timbrens instead of the airbag. They will only work with the camper in the bed. With that being said. I too am looking at replacing my shocks and will go with the local 4×4 shop — who do a lot of work for the forest industry, which is monomax.

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      Michael King

      Stock shocks are gone at 45K. Get an aftermarket set for $200 and 2hours of your time. Changed mine (2500) at 80K and made a world of difference.

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