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      Hey Everyone,

      I am new to Truck Camper Adventure and also new to the truck camper world. My wife and I recently picked up our first truck camper – the Scout Olympic.

      We bought this camper without getting to see a single Scout camper in person since they are fairly new. Also there was zero videos on YouTube of tours of campers when we purchased ours so we figured we would help by creating a YouTube video tour. You can see that here

      This camper definitely isn’t for everyone since there isn’t a shower/toilet but it is a great first camper for us. We like that it is light weight and also very easy to bring the stove/table/battery pack outside when the weather is nice.

      Feel free to ask any question you might have or follow our adventures on YouTube or on Instagram!

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      Mello Mike

      Congrats on the new camper and welcome to the website. We’d love to get your feedback on the camper in the form of a review at some point if that’s agreeable. Glad that you’re happy with it.

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      I am closely following Scout campers, specifically the Kenai. I would like to see one in person to check the build quality and if I can sleep comfortably on the east/west bed setup. Your videos are the best I can find on YouTube about Scout campers. Thank you for posting.

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