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      Good morning!

      New here to the forum, also semi new to truck campers but not new to RVs and camping. I’ve owned two motorhomes and two travel trailers but this is my first truck camper. Parents had a couple of them growing up but been many years ago and I was a kid then, so I know decent amount of them. I’ve already had the whole front cap off,
      Repaired wood damage, deleted front window and about to reskin the roof so far. Lots other stuff planned over winter so I can use it this next summer maybe go to the race tracks lol.

      So I recently bought an older unit to do a partial restoration on. The data tag is long gone as it was outside the coach and faded away. Judging by the water heater and LP tank certifications, it’s a 1977 or possible early ‘78 “Patriot” by GWS Industries out of Goshen Indiana. Overall length is 11’6. I can find zero info about these online and have never seen another one. Only thing I came up with is the company owners obituary and he passed this year sadly, and the Indiana business info states was active 1973-89.

      Just looking for anything someone might know about these, maybe a brochure or even the tech data (I don’t even know what this thing weighs).

      Thanks to any input I can get, any questions for me just ask!

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      Alex Blasingame

      Try contacting RV/ HM Hall of Frame

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      Try contacting RV/ HM Hall of Frame

      I emailed them couple times, no answer

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