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      Joseph Reeves

      Hello Truck Campers. We’ve enjoyed the Capri Retreat, which I reviewed in TCA a couple of years ago https://www.truckcamperadventure.com/review-of-the-2018-capri-retreat-truck-camper/ and am thinking about selling it this spring. It’s been a wonderful camper on our 1/2 ton Sierra for month long trips but we are now planning another multi-year adventure and will be looking for something larger. We learned on our 3-year road trip that we don’t need all the frills of most campers and the Retreat has just what we would need for a longer trip except for additional floor space. https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/3-years-around-north-america-plus-a-few-more.150556/#post-1959205

      The camper comes with Jacks, a catalytic heater, fantastic fan, battery system, water system, floor insulation, shades and cushions. I bought the ARB fridge and Capri installed it. Total cost to me in August 2018 was $15k, excluding deliver to Montana and installation.

      It is in excellent condition. What should I ask for it?

      Thanks in advance


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      Coly Hope

      I have a Capri Retreat also and they are very nice. I am not good at pricing things but I say you could at least get $8000 for it.

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