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      Lester Smith

      Lester here in western Colorado. I have a 2012 Hallmark Ute which has the battery compartment in the front corner of the camper. Therefore; when the camper is loaded I cannot access the batteries. The Renogy 200 watt solar suitcase came with jumper cable style clips to hook is to the battery. I’d like to install a solar port (hook-up) somewhere on the front part of the camper so that I can just plug into it with my suitcase using an adaptor. I purchased a 2 pin SAE sidewall connector to install on my camper. My question is: do I run the wires directly to the pos. and neg terminals of the camper battery? There is already a charge controller on the Renogy solar suitcase. The foreigners who I get @ Renogy cannot understand my questions.

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      Joel Gambino

      If there is a charge controller in the suitcase you should be good. You might want to put a 15 or 20 amp fuse in line just to protect the wiring. Use beefy wire (8 or even 6) to reduce voltage drop from the panel. If you have a negative bus bar, you could connect the negative from the panel to that.

      You might also connect a voltmeter to the battery to make sure the panel is not overcharging. Something permanent connected directly to the battery would be ideal. Even better would be a battery monitor like the Bogart Trimetric. It will tell you the state of charge of the battery, voltage, and amps IN/OUT.

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      Mello Mike

      I second what Joel said. He gave you good advice. Another option would
      be one of these. Both Lance and Palomino are installing these on their campers.

      Feature in the Spotlight: The Easy Charge Battery Charging Station

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