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      Coly Hope

      I will probably be purchasing a truck camper next spring and the truck camper I am looking at is about 2500 pounds wet weight. My ford pickup is a F-250 XL with a payload of 3100 pounds and the bed is a 6.75 feet long. I am not all that educated about truck tires so what I want to know is if the tires on my truck will be able to take the weight of the truck camper or are there better options. I looked at my tires and they are a LT265/70R17.

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      John Perz

      What brand tires? What load range? If they are the ones that came on it from the factory, they are probably Load Range E, which means they should be good for about 3000 lbs each when fully inflated. There should be a sticker on the driver side pillar with this info on it.

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      There should be a load rating on the sidewall. Something like 3200 @ 80 psi.

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      Coly Hope

      Thanks for the advice.

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      Hi Coly Hope, I have a 2007 F250 4×4 and have B.F.Goodrich size 285 /70/ R17 KO2 load E hauling a 2002 Lance 815 I’ve had both since new. The Lance 815 weights in the neighbor hood of about 2800 lbs when it’s loaded up. The newer KO2 are a very tough tire and yet do very well on and off the road plus the reinforce shoulder on this tire is a big plus for those off road times.

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      Coly Hope

      I will look into those tires, Alex.

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      Coly Hope

      I checked the numbers on my tires and front wheels are 520 KPA/75 PSI and the rear tires are 550 KPA/80 PSI.

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      Coly, tires are easy. Check the feature article on this site for your best options. Myself and several others have made some suggestions that would suit your needs well. The size you currently have is very common so an upgrade will be easy to find. Choose a LT tire with a E rating only. Spend some time and think about what your requirements for truck tires are. How and where you use your truck should be your priority, not looks or cost. I have found that reasonable rotation intervals and diligent monitoring of tire pressure normally assures maximum tread life. Be prepared to spend a grand plus for tax, proper installation and a front end alignment. I have two tire guys, one is a little cheaper than the other, but the slightly more expensive shop will rotate every 5 thousand miles for free and will also repair flats for free. Ask your shop what they will do after the sale.

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      Just remember that a 17 inch wheel has the lowest load carrying availability number, on average, than 16’s or 18’s. The important number to have on a truck tire used with a truck camper is the max load number in pounds. My Cooper 35 inch, AT-3 XLT’s in a 315x75R16 size have a weight bearing number of 3860 pounds per wheel. That’s 7720 pounds per axle. Plenty enough for my stick and aluminum Lance Lite. Look for the stamped number on the inside rim of one of your wheels to find out the load capacity. If it’s lower than your tire capacity, look for stronger wheels.

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      Michael King

      Nitto Tire Dura Grappler. Slightly larger in diameter but you don’t have to purchase 18 inch wheels.

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