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      Any Host TC owners out there who can give me a sanity check??
      I have a 2019 Host Mammoth and in the Generator Bay there is a 12v DC Power port plugin above the Generator next to the Cable connector (under cap).

      I was happy about the feature because I have an inflator and macerator which both have a 12vdc power port plug in and the outside location is very convenient.

      This port had not power when tested. I contacted my dealer, who also contacted HOST and neither had ever seen nor heard of a 12vdc power port on the HOST campers. Even though I purchased from the dealer weeks ago, they were stymied. I sent a photo (attached) and they were still stymied. After a week of correspondence with HOST, they are all still stymied and the official response from HOST is that is not a feature of their product.

      Wow, maybe I don’t have a new host Mammoth!
      Can all you HOST owners out there check to see if you have a power port in the Generator Bay? I found that it is connected to the Fuse Box location marked Dinnette / Bay; which was not functioning as received. Since replacing the fuse, I now have a working Dinette light and also a working Power Port.

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      Robert Constantine

      I just checked my 2019 host mammoth it does not have that

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