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      I would like to find a way to measure my use of water out of the fresh water tank in our Arctic Fox. I have a water meter that I connect to my fill hose so I know how much I put into the tank which is very helpful when I don’t want to fill the tank to it’s 59 gallon capacity.

      I mostly boondock and having a better idea of how much water remains in the tank would help greatly with planning (e.g. can I stay out more days, can I take a shower?). The tank level indicator lights are almost helpful but they are unreliable.

      Has anybody added a digital meter to the outlet of a 12 volt pump?

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      Phil Patterson

      We boon-dock almost exclusively, so we use this… reads in 4% increments, accurate to within 1%…Sensors self stick to the outsides of tanks, so no more guessing or fouling… Had ours since 2009 without ever a problem…They make several different models with different options…

      709-P3 SeeLeveL II Tank Monitor


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      The everlanders a vlogging couple who built their own mega truck camper have built a water management system and filmed a video about it.
      Here is a YouTube link to their video about it.

      We just go old school, and look at the tank and judge how much we need.
      We thought about getting a water infill meter then tracking a few trips to get an idea of how much we use, but we’ve been lazy and just fill the tank before we leave.

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      Kyle Banerjee

      I almost exclusively boondock.

      I never carry more than 3 gallons (and only carry 1 if I know I’ll be near convenient water) — water is heavy and takes lots of space. I carry a water filter to help replenish supplies. In desert areas, conservation is necessary.

      A paper town moistened with rubbing alcohol is a good substitute for showering as it kills bacteria that cause stench. Proper water sources like streams and lakes make life easier.

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