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      Joseph Reeves

      Our Capri Retreat has proven to be a great camper over the past year. We reviewed it for TCA last winter after just a few months of use, and continue to enjoy it on a regular basis. Capri doesn’t offer a screen door for their campers — something I applaud along with not offering an awning — and while we seldom have had a need to keep the door open for comfort, the prospect of an upcoming return to the B.C. interior caused me to consider a way to keep the inevitable mosquitoes at bay.

      Keeping to our minimalist creed, I put together a screen for the door to the camper made of an inner liner for a curtain purchased at Target. It works well, and with a little effort could look even better than it does stock.

      I folded the curtain in half, then pinned the open side with small brass safety pins we had purchased for another project. The double layer provides more protection from bugs as it added weight holds it close to the door. Four map pins hold the curtain close to the opening of the door. I had thought about a curtain rod to assist with passage, but that would have left the top open and an entry for bugs. A few bag clips on the sides and a shoe or two on the bottom make it very effective and allow much needed ventilation as temperatures around here cross the 70f line. Yes, we are still Alaskans. The curtain is stowed on a hanger in the narrow closet on the driver’s side of the camper.

      Capri Retreat initial review is here https://www.truckcamperadventure.com/review-of-the-2018-capri-retreat-truck-camper/

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