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      Wife and I left early Friday for some camping in the Santa Fe National Forest Jemez District.
      We needed to leave early as the Vista Linda is one of two campgrounds open year round beat and needed to beat the Easter crowd. Well I just love the campground full sign at 1 PM and I did not prep for boondocking. Renata and I thought about what we have on board to boondock.

      Plenty of water check
      Food check
      Gazebo check
      Toilet paper check
      Adult beverages check

      These are all the things we need so we head for FR 376 with fingers crossed as the gate is usually locked from November to May and only open during Elk and Deer seasons. This year we where lucky and they opened access early for Turkey hunting and the FSD has been opening this road early for the last 5 years. YEAHHHH
      We find our spot 3 miles in the nearest camper is a ¼ mile in both directions so no genset noise. Awesome camp is set up.
      Jemez Camp
      I opened my first beer and started to think oh no #2 what are we going to do we don’t have the Kitty Litter porta-potty or the potty tent.
      Whew close call, after digging behind the seat of the truck I find old faithful my trusty GI entrenching tool and said that we will have to do like the bears and wildlife, #2 has been addresses.
      Well this weekend is in our top 10 boondocking trips and cannot wait for the next one.
      I have already packed the camper with all my required tools and equipment for boondocking.

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      Mello Mike

      Yep, its always best to be prepared. Boondocking is better anyhow, don’t you think? 🙂

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      Yes boondocking is the best.
      This problem came from me assuming the Santa Fe National forest had their poo-poo together and they would actually open the developed campgrounds sooner.
      I wanted to fish that weekend and there is only 2 campgrounds with fishing access to the Rio Jemez. All my boondocking areas with fishing access have been fenced off or the roads have been closed “Another Problem to be discussed later”.

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