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      Quentin Bordeaux

      Hey all, back again with another question. I noticed the last few times it rained, my roof leaked in several places. I went to the RV shop to get an estimate on repairs, and they said I had to replace part of the roof due to water damage and gave me an estimate of $5,000. Now there is no way I can afford that, and the roof itself seems fine. I just don’t want anymore water coming in when it rains. I’ve seen a few DIY videos on youtube that seem way less expensive. Do any of you have any experience with this? What would the best route to take be? in addition, i’m missing the cover to my sunroof/emergency exit on top of the bed area, so that needs to be replaced as well. Can i just make one myself using supplies from homedepot? suggestions?

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      Quentin can you tell us what you have for a camper and we can probable help you with it.
      Go here as there is a wealth of knowledge in this forum for Pop-up trailers. These folks are very resourceful.

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      Quentin Bordeaux

      All i know is that it is a 1986 pilgrim according the the metal imprints on the side. I’ll definitely check out that link right now.

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