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      Does a TC in general, and the Adventurer 80rb being fairly small, get very warm inside?
      What are the recommended choices for cooling such as A/C, vents, fans?

      Also what is most effect method of ventilating cooking odors?

      As far as heat goes I’ll be spending a good deal of time boondocking in the SW, many places with zero shade.

      At the moment I see a nicely scorching hot metal can to eat and sleep in.


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      Mello Mike

      If you’re planning on doing a lot of boondocking, getting a one or two fantastic vent fans will be a must. Getting a small Polar Cub roof-top A/C would be a good idea just in case you need it for extra hot days (you can power it either with a 2000 watt generator or with shore power at a campground or RV park).

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      OK. Thanks for the reply Mike.
      I’ve noted what you suggest.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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