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      anybody remember these blasts from the past?
      back in the late ’90’s i travelled down to Washington state to look at a beauty-ous old tc.
      it was a 1965 Kamp King Koach. they made the DelRay and the Sky lounge tc models before shutting down.
      the ad just said Kamp King Koach for sale, no pics or description. i was hoping it was a Sky lounge, but turned out to be a DelRay. of course i wanted to bring it home right away, but my wife VETO’ED that plan.
      “looks like a cruddy old boat” was about the nicest thing she could say…
      fast forward almost 20 yrs later, working on a body shop building (constr.) and they rolled this Koach out of the bay that looked very familiar. truck was having some scratches touched up.
      i grabbed my cam out of my truck and snapped a few pics. a couple hrs later a gentleman showed up to pick it up. he was in a hurry to get going, but he did show me the inside…and it was fantastic. the whole camper was done in polished 1/4 oak, real oak, not paneling. there was a set of beautiful sliding doors that seperated the overhead from the rest. he had also added a few new amenities, micro, stereo, etc. unfortunatley i did not have my cam when he opened it up, and i did’nt want to hold him up.
      he said he also had a ’69 F250 camper special he was restoring for the Koach for a correct period look.
      i did ask him what yr the camper was, and he said ’65…hmmm, the one i looked at was a ’65, asked where he got it, Tacoma WA, huh, i looked at a ’65 in Tacoma WA, but that was almost 20 yrs ago….asked him how long he had it, said he’s been working on it off and on for about 15 yrs…pretty sure it was the same Koach. so wished i had bought it…
      a Sky Lounge, and the DelRay we looked at

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      Very nice and nostalgic – a cool walk down memory lane!!

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      Mello Mike

      Wow, now that’s a pretty cool camper.

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