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      Hey community!,

      refrigerator and stove. Remove them?

      The stock Dometic 2353 seems to suck. Doesn’t cool well and is finicky about positioning. Removing it and its propane source would reduce some weight. There is an alternative…portable ice chest. take your pick ARB and many others. they seem to cool better and are more flexible in mounting. probably lighter as well.

      Pros-weight reduction, increase storage (the first two may be a wash on weight), conserve propane consumption.

      The stove-remove the whole thing. there are more efficient ways to cook…microwave baby!

      Pro’s-weight reduction, more storage, propane consumption
      Cons-cant cook different items at same time.

      I will travel solo, so amenities will be minimal.

      Has anyone considered or made these mods?

      Issues? Thoughts!!


      Outfitter caribou 8

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      Alex Blasingame

      I know many of us Tcers look for ways to increase storage or reduce weight. By removing your refrigerator you will increase storage if you use it for that. As for weight reduction what you use for replacing the function of the refrigerator as long as it lighter than the refrigerator you have reduced some weight.

      As the microwave replacing the stove I really don’t see any weight saving there unless the stove has a oven to it. This also brings up the another question of how are you going to power that microwave, generator, inverter, batteries and solar or go for shore power when your ready to eat.

      You could ditch the microwave idea and go with total dry goods and rehydrate your food while using just a single burner stove to heat things up.

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      yea, the microwave idea may have been premature. at a minimum it would require a bigger inverter. I dont need 3 burners thats for damn sure and your probably right about the weight…I looked at my stove yesterday…not much to it. propane consumption, cook time and storage are the only “ups”.

      on the refrigerator, you’re correct. the only gains may be a more efficient unit, space and propane consumption.

      ill continue to ponder before I start remodeling.


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      We’ve thought of ways to reduce weight in our bigfoot 1500.
      We already don’t have an AC or a microwave.
      I looked at the following areas as placed to lose weight;
      Remove water heater (we don’t use it to wash dishes and we shower outside it would be easy to use a solar shower)
      Remove second propane tank and replace with a small 10pound tank
      Replace main propane tank with a composite tank
      Remove 1/2 of rear seats
      Lighter aluminum spare tire wheel
      Remove rear truck bumper
      Remove cabinet doors and replace with bungee nets
      Lighter weight dinette table
      Replace dinettes table legs with aluminum legs
      Swap out the 6vdc golf cart batteries for some lithium ones
      Remove the jacks.
      Fill the tanks less full
      Take less stuff.

      If we did all of these items
      I think we could lose about 500 pounds. With some of the weight being pretty high up in the rig. But some things would be very expensive. Like the batteries, wheel, composite propane tank.

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      2Z Bundok

      Only eat half portions and Exercise, exercise, exercise!
      Sorry couldn’t resist! Squish’s list is pretty good! We are going to LiFePO4 they are offering more (useable) power every day and long life help justify the $.

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