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      Morgan Sheppard

      I know that mice can be a real problem with travel trailers and RV’s. I am wondering if they are as big a problem with truck campers. I am yet to be an owner (happening in the next year) but it seems to me that truck campers are sealed much better and therefore I would think that they would not be as much of a problem. Am I being overly optimistic?

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      Campers might be more sealed than the underside of a class A or C or B van, but they are still liable get in. It’s best to light up the underside with battery powered lights or something. They hate the light. I know folks that do this in the desert.

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      We use Tomcat Rodent Repellent, comes in a 1-gallon jug at Home Depot. Non-poisonous. Spray it around the camper sitting in the bed of the truck maybe once a month, twice a month around the engine compartment. (It will evaporate over time.) We used to see rodent activity in the engine area, don’t see it anymore. Never had an issue in the camper.

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      Alex Blasingame

      We’ve been truck camping since 2002 and had only one time that a pack rat got in, had a devil of a time getting rid of it!

      One big rat

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      2Z Bundok

      Great picture! Did you bribe him with a FF?
      We use one scented dryer sheet in each drawer and cabinet compartment. Vapor phase has helped with mice, ants and other freeloaders.

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