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      Hi Mike – I’m copying your solar/inverter install (THANK YOU) and on the inverter install, I saw that you disconnected the 14/2 for the campers 15A AC outlets from the main breaker panel and connected it directly to the inverter’s output wire bypassing the main breaker panel and the WFCO 8945.

      When you’re plugged into shore power – do you use the inverter to power your outlets?

      I was going to splice into the middle of the AC 15A 14/2 cable AFTER the main breaker panel so I could still power the outlets with shore power via the transfer switch but I’m worried about back feeding inverter generated 120V into the main breaker panel and the WFCO 8945 charger/power center.

      Plan B was to still splice into the middle of the AC 15A cable after the main breaker panel and simply turn off the main panel 15A breaker which hopefully disconnects the plugs instead of disconnecting the wire.

      Any thoughts you or anyone has on this would be appreciated – Thanks, Jim

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      Mello Mike

      Yes, the inverter “powers” the outlets when plugged into shore power, but only as a bypass. That’s what the transfer relay does. No worry about backfeeding or doing any of the wiring changes you mentioned. Just wire you setup using my wiring diagram you’ll be fine.

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