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      Mello Mike

      I’ve gotten several emails asking how to post pics in this forum. It’s actually pretty simple. First, you need to post your photo on a Photo Hosting Website. Here’s a link to the most popular sites: https://www.lifewire.com/free-image-hosting-sites-3486329

      Once you post your photo on a photo hosting website, you’ll need to get the DIRECT link to the photo. Copy this link. Now click on the “IMG” block here in this forum in the thread you want to post in, paste the link in the URL block. That’s it.

      A big tip: you can’t use a link with https in the URL, you can ONLY use http links.

      Please post any questions here in this thread if you have trouble. Thanks.

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      Thank MIke for your reply time on how to post pics. Have tried buried but to no avail. It’s to me extremely difficult. And both my wife n I are pretty savvy on a computer. So I’ll just enjoy the reading and not consider putting an awful amount in time into it. I know what my truck/camper look like so all’s good. Shelie

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      Mello Mike

      Ok, everyone. We’ve just upgraded our forum app to allow users to post pictures here on this forum rather than using another photo host. The select file button is below each window. Give it a try. 🙂

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