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      Hey folks!

      I have a 2017 Host Mammoth. I am the 2nd owner, but the original owner only had it for a year before I bought it. When I first bought it, I noticed the floor on the sides sloped downwards. This has persisted, and there is visible sag on the wings under the slides on both the passenger and driver’s side. When checking with a square, there is an approximately 1/2″-5/8″ drop from the basement wall to the outer edge of the camper.

      I called Host last year, and they said that this is a common occurrence and said it was nothing to be concerned with, though I have my doubts about that. They reiterated using spring loaded tie downs…properly, of course. I’ve used Fast Guns for every TC I have had.

      I haven’t had issues with the slides operating properly until recently. I had the camper off the truck, and the DS slide wouldn’t slide out fully. The top was fully extended, but the bottom was shy of full extension by approximately 3/4″-1″. Once I put the camper back on the truck, the slide now fully extends.

      Has anyone had any similar issues with their Mammoth, or other Host triple slide camper? My concern is that this problem will only get worse, and given the issue, trying to repair it would be a major undertaking. I’m concerned that there may be broken welds or cracked aluminum in the floor joists. The fact that the slide did not fully extend when off the truck, might be an indication that carrying the weight on the jacks changes how the structure is handling the load, resulting in movement of the structure, thus preventing proper slide operation. I’ll be taking the camper off the truck again in about a week and a half, so I’ll be interested to see if the slide issue happens again. Any ideas/advice/etc. is greatly appreciated! My apologies for not posting any pictures–I didn’t think of it until I had the camper back on the truck.

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