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      j. Andr

      Hi gang! Someone suggested I post over here for help identifying the maker of this funky early 80’s fiberglass slide-in I salvaged for a rebuild project. The serial plate has worn off, and I haven’t been able to find any other stamps. It has a Dometic RM190 gas electric fridge and a Wedgewood (Atwood) T212 3-burner stove, both from roughly 1982-84.

      I understand it once lived in Oregon, but has been used for the past 20+ years as a snow party camper up at Snoqualmie Pass here in WA for skiers and snowboarders.

      I can’t find anything like it out there on the internet; appears incredibly unique! It’s not a clamshell 2-piece, but the top and sides are one piece, and the back is the second. Seems to have elements of campers built by Bigfoot, Northern Lite, Sport-Cam, possibly Bison, but it most closely resembles (in my mind) the Sunrader and Toyota Element mobile home bodies.

      If anyone can shed some light on this mystery, I’ll be much obliged!

      Btw, before anyone says anything – I know my tires are low and the dented bumper makes it look like the tail end is breaking, but my old weekend dump-run 1/2 ton hauled it’s mere 1K lbs home with ease after being ratchet strapped to the frame and bed. I will get Fast Guns when the build is complete, which will secure it to an F-250 7.3 PS turbo diesel 4×4.


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      j. Andr

      UPDATE – I must be going blind.

      There are so many stickers on this camper that I somehow overlooked the glaringly obvious giant shield on the back that says “U.S. Cruisers” on it. The insignia is even part of the fiberglass mold!

      To be fair to myself, my buddy didn’t notice it either.

      BUT … I still cannot find anything on the internet regarding a camper manufacturer or truck camper model called “U.S. Cruiser”. I’m mystified.

      If anyone has any more info, please hit me up!

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      j. Andr

      Doesn’t seem to be a way to edit previous post comments older than a few minutes, but obviously it’s “U.S. Cruiser”, not “U.S. Cruisers”, as I typed above.

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