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      Hi all

      In a few months we get our Hallmark RV (yay!) and I’ll need to purchase in advance a good wide folding stool for this pop up truck camper: so I can open and close the roof latches , and also deploy the AluCab 270 awning. 

      Any guesses as to how tall of the wide folding stool or platform i’ll need? 

      This kind looks good, but it only gets me 9″ height. I strongly suspect not high enough. Any thoughts?

      It’ll be on a 4X4 F350 with 18″ rims and mild AT tires. 

      Keep in mind sometimes we’ll be camping on uneven ground, off road, so a traditional step ladder with the frame running across the bottom would be unstable. 4 legs would be much better. 

      Thanks for any and all suggestions. 🙂


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      I think those are super heavy duty – but the only thing would bother me is the size of the feet. If you have soft ground, it will sink. Might have to bring something to put under the legs in mushy ground, but otherwise those look super robust.

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