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      UPDATE – I received a diagram from the seller, which apparently they didn’t have until I requested it!
      Oops wanted to upload it, but can’t upload PDF.
      My TC is pre-wired and I’ve installed the motors on the jacks. There is a Remote Receiver/Logic Board. Naturally there is a power terminal and ground on it. I am not sure where to connect the power from the receiver to (I ain’t no electrician! :-))

      In TC there is a circuit breaker with a wire going to the Battery Disconnect and one wire not connected to anything.
      There is also a ground wire in the battery compartment from battery but not connected to anything.

      I am thinking the loose power wire on circuit breaker can be connected to the Receiver’s power terminal and the loose ground from battery to the receiver’s ground.

      Can someone confirm this would be correct, or where to connect the Receiver’s power and ground to?

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      I just want to say that if you are thinking about Happijac Electric Motor Kit to upgrade from manuals, the installation, at least on our pre-wired TC is quite simple. Some instructions suggest it may be necessary to take the jacks off for the motor install. This is because a washer is dropped into the motorized section which needs to be turned to place on the jack. Because there is some grease in the motor section the washer, at least for us, just stays put even though you turn the motor.

      As far as the electric goes, because our TC had well labeled wires for connecting from the jacks to the remote receiver that was simple. I started this post as there was doubt about the Power and Ground to the receiver. Panther Products sent a diagram. The power goes to a circuit breaker and there is a wire from battery to circuit breaker. The ground from receiver is grounded on the battery and that’s it.

      So far from a quick test of the jacks I’d say don’t leave home without the motor driven jacks!

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