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      Ever since my battery charger lost it’s 6 volt charge mode I have been without a way to monitor the condition of my RV Battery’s. Lucky for me the battery shop I use was open on New Years Eve. I removed the trailer battery’s and drove down to the shop. The 37 month old 105’s passed the load test and appeared to be close to fully charged. The employee said with proper care I could expect another year of service. Since my old school charger had abruptly died I needed a new charger/maintainer. Everything I have read about the Noco genius 3500 was positive so I decided to give a try. This model produces 3.5 amps and works on 6 and 12 volt battery’s. Nearly all battery’s are compatible with the Noco and it even has a smart feature that will maintain the full charge providing the unit is allowed to remain hooked up. The Noco genius g3500 retails for around 60 dollars and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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      John Perz

      I confess to being a little confused. Presumably, you have two 6 volt batteries wired together in series to provide 12 volts. If that’s the case, you can treat them as one 12 volt battery and you would have no reason to need a 6 volt charger.

      As for monitoring your batteries, the 105s are flooded batteries with caps, right? A good battery hydrometer should be all you need to monitor their condition.

      Am I missing something here?

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      Thanks Mike for cleaning up my unintended double post. John, you have it right. I simply prefer to remove my battery’s from the RV and store them in the garage when not in use. Rather than send current through a jumper cable I simply charge each one on a 2 amp 6 volt charge till complete. My new Noco charger/maintainer appears to have all the features I need and for only 60 dollars. Regarding hydrometers, I understand there connection and use with battery’s. I simply try to avoid all contact with the acid when ever possible for a multitude of reasons. With that said I think I will change my routine and leave the battery’s in the coach so I can periodically apply a load to them. My converter will also maintain them while plugged in and not overcharge them. I’m told the load charge cycle is better for them than simply sitting in the garage while losing 50% of there capacity every month.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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