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      After much too much time off from camping we’re loading up the camper and taking off next week. We are going to spend a couple of days at White Pocket in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument taking photos/timelapse/etc. We hope to finish up by doing the loop around the Paria Plateau.

      Couple of things…
      1. Have done extensive review of videos on the road in and reading accounts, some written by folks who seem unfamiliar with the concept of driving on a dirt road. Seems do-able, but first-hand experience by someone who *actually* took a truck camper in would be welcome. Has anyone on the forum made this road?
      2. Would welcome additional rigs for the trip, provided we don’t end up with dozens of trucks! We travel slow and as stated above we’re on a photo/video expedition. (Since this is pretty close to a new moon, the night sky — clouds permitting — should be spectacular.) If you just wanted to go in with us, chill for a day and take off, or come and go, that would be fine too. We’re going in on the 12th and coming out on the 14th.

      If anyone is interested, we’ll post more information or take it off to the side.


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      PS: I’ve been on this forum a couple of years but my account was one of the ones that accidently went away a while back. My forum handle was “Mustang03” and the avatar was our Ram 3500/Lance 650 (white). I’d fix that but I’m apparently unable to follow directions on accessing my account dashboard!!

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      Alex Blasingame

      Sounds your going to have a wonderful adventure, I encourage you to submit a story on your journey with photos to Mello Mike.

      I must admit I’ve have zipped pass this area myself going to other areas.

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      Mello Mike

      We attempted to do this in late March with Kevin MacAfee, but got snowed out the night before at our camping spot on Pine Tree Rd and had to change our plans. Truck campers have done it, but you will need to air down 40/35 psi and use 4×4 to do it. We’ve seen some videos of truck campers at the trailhead, so I know it can be done. Let us know how it goes and take lots of pics.


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      Glad to hear you’ve seen video with truck campers at the trailhead — they’ve not been in any of the videos we’ve watched so far. I’ve seen them in photos twice. There are several timelapse-style videos of the road in, and numerous videos of “city folk” having issues, but yeah, taking the tire pressure down and 4×4 ought to do the trick. Assuming we make it in, we’ll have lots of photos and we’ll do a write-up for you.

      Bryan & Susan
      2014 Ram 3500 SRW 4×4
      2018 Lance 650
      And a backseat full of “stuff”

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      Hello everyone, trips to the campsite by private car allow you to take really a lot of useful equipment with you. However, even in this case, it is often not always possible to take a tent with you or arrange a place to sleep in the field. A great alternative is to spend the night in the car so as not to seek shelter and carry an extra load in the form of a tent. And the car interior will be able to protect from rain and cold no worse than most tourist tents. The very first thing to do is to study in detail the existing car.

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      It is also important to have a suitable time for camping,

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      Hi Beanstelk, just wondering if you missed the part about this being a truck camper forum? (Asking for a friend.)

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