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      FWC *indoor* shower owners: how is it? Likes / Dislikes?

      Hi all

      We are looking at a Granby slide in. (or similar ATC)

      We’d be using a PortAPotty, so we dont need or want a walled toilet / shower area.

      Sometimes it would be more convenient to have a quick indoor shower rather than outside. We like to boondock a lot in the middle of nowhere (not at campsites with facilities) or maybe even an occasional quick stealthy solo camp with the top down for sleeping.

      One advantage of the FWC is that they’ll do an indoor shower….. and it is merely a grate and shower pan on the floor, and a shower curtain that hangs from above (in a big wedge) and tucks into the shower pan, under the grate.

      The advantage is that it isn’t using up any space when not in use.

      AWC (our other top contender) does not do indoor showers like this.

      Looks as if we would be limited to the front dinette layout to get the inside shower option… according to this:


      and… From the pics I saw of an indoor shower on a Grandby (rear dinette on flat bed, so a different layout) the shower temperature controls may be quite a ways from the shower… ?

      Thanks to anyone who has an indoor shower in a FWC for any thoughts.


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      How to Build an Indoor Portable Van Shower

      Looks like something like this might work well in a Grandby?

      Building an Indoor Portable Shower for Our Sprinter Campervan

      the small size ($28) is 32” around – too big for a Grandby?

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      Michael King

      You don’t need FWC shower set up. Tractor supply for a tub. Walmart for two shower curtains and hooks, Home Depot for PVC, elbows and velcro.

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      Michael King


      If your still looking for a FWC, Here’s my Grandby mk10108 at gmail dot com

      Includes a shower

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