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      Hi Mike,
      Question….is there a real negative of adding a front hitch to my rig? I have a Silverado 3500 SRW with a Cirrus 820. I love the entire rig however as is the case with most TC rigs, I could use a wee bit more storage. I was thinking of adding a front hitch to carry a storage box but was discouraged from doing so because I would have to cut into the skirt of the truck (no big deal I don’t believe) but also I could easily bottom out in driving rough terrains. Such terrains would certainly not be on my normal routes. Your thoughts on front hitches? Thanks!

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      Mello Mike

      Getting a front hitch hauler should be fine as long as you’re not planning on doing some serious off-roading. My Buckstop Winch Bumper has a front hitch just in case I need it for the future. I may haul a bike or a genny at some point in the future.

      Others can chime in here.


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      I have a front hitch on my 3500 which I will occasionally carry an extra spare tire or our bikes. It works out ok, just annoying to look at while driving down the road. Have you considered getting a hitch extension and carrying your extra storage behind the truck?

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