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      Mello Mike

      The Truck Camper Adventure forums are for registered members only. Registration is “free” and only takes about 2 minutes. Content is family oriented. We ask that you post your question or comment in the proper forum. The following rules pertain to this forum:

      1. We reserve the right to remove any post at any time for any reason
      2. The use of profanity is not allowed.
      3. “Flaming” of other participants is strictly forbidden. Professional conduct and respectful behavior towards other members and moderators is a primary requirement for participation in this forum.
      4. Spamming, in any form or registering multiple names, is strictly forbidden and will be removed without notice.
      5. You may not use this forum to either advertise or promote commercial endeavors. This includes direct posts, member name, URLS in your profile or signature, as well as, active links to other sites on the Internet.
      6. You may include URLs or active links to commercial sites for the purpose of expanding on comments or providing additional information as part of regular forum interactions, but such posts must be approved by a moderator first before it will be published.
      7. Selling truck campers, trucks, and other truck camper related items is permitted in this Forum.
      8. Political and religious posts, pictures, links, signatures etc. are not allowed in these forums and may be removed without notice or discussion.
      9. Forum administrators will review any and all selected screen names. Members whose screen name choice is found to be objectionable for any reason will be notified and asked to submit a new screen name. Noncompliance will be grounds for eliminating forum posting privileges.
      10. The above rules will be strictly enforced. Continued violations may result in loss of forum privileges.
      11. Other than enforcing the above rules, the management and staff does not attempt to validate any comments or recommendations provided by participants. As such, we are not responsible for any inaccuracies that may result in personal injury or damage.
      12. Above all, this is YOUR Forum. Have fun and use it for anything related to truck campers, trucks, travel, etc.

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      How do you search the forum? Thanks, Dan

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      Mello Mike

      You can’t directly. To search the Forum you’ll have to also search the website. The search forms are at the top and bottom of the website.

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      Has anyone used the aftermarket kit(s) to convert a single-wheel truck to a dually?

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      Looking for folks with a Artic Fox 865 (non slide), have a question about the bathroom step-up, is it a problem, dangerous at night, thoughts please!

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