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      Tom Keilman

      Interested in getting input from anyone who has or had an F350 with the 6.2L gas engine and a Northern Lite camper. Truck would be the 6 3/4 bed with an 8-11 Northern Lite. Curious about how that engine would handle the load, power going up mountain grades, mpg, etc.

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      Tom, I have variation on the setup you are asking about, a F450 diesel dually and a NL 10-2 camper. Unfortunately, my experiences won’t be of much value to you, other than we really like the camper and I’d buy another one tomorrow.

      I suggest you call Brad Trites at the NL factory in Kelowna BC. Brad would give you a opinion on the suitability of that truck and engine with the camper you are interested in.

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      I have a 2017 F-350 6.2 with Northern Lite 9.6, 3.73 rear end 6 speed auto, and I like it a lot. We live in British Columbia, and make lots of trips through the Rockies, into the Yukon, etc, so it has lots of mountain experience. Overall average mpg is 10.9 US, and 95% of the mileage is hauling the camper. It won’t idle up an 8% grade like the diesel guys like to brag about – you need to make the engine rev to make those grades at a reasonable speed (maybe down to 3rd gear on the steep ones), but that’s what it was designed to do.

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      Would it be able to tow a 4500 lb Wrangler also

      2012 Tiger CX Ram diesel 4x4

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