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      This post is kind of a continuation of the June 15, 2020 article where RV Tech Steve Savage
      talks about the industry.

      I am pointing out the issues we have had in the first two years of owning a new TC. The text is in the first file Problems 1. The preview doesn’t show the complete text so you need to open the file.

      Basically it seems the industry needs to do some work on their quality control. It may be a bit of a generalization to say the entire industry I don’t know. I’ve only got experience with one TC.

      I’m writing this not as any kind of complaint but just to give newbies something to think about and hopefully help them.

      The positive thing about a TC is the flexibility and we certainly have been able to go a lot of places that just wouldn’t have been possible with an RV.

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      Man, sorry to hear you are dealing with so much grief in an almost new camper. I lived in that arena for so long and it is so commonplace, especially when it comes to large manufacturers, I think it borders on criminal.

      I don’t have a solution. As long as they can keep selling, I don’t see it changing. As the saying goes in the RV industry when asked how long the warranty lasts, “until your taillights are out of sight”. 🙁


      Steve and Andra
      2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
      Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
      2019 Northstar Laredo SC

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      That’s perfect and says it all about the taillights!

      I think buyers need to speak up a bit more. I have tried I will say but it just seems there’s no interest in improvement and as you say why should they if people just keep writing checks.

      If I ever buy another TC, I’ll take a used one, save lots of bucks and maybe lots of the issues are fixed or at least I’d have money to fix them. I do as much as I can myself but I really didn’t buy a DIY project in my opinion.


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      That’s discouraging. I don’t think all manufacturers are the same. I bought a new Arctic Fox 990 in 2018. I had a couple of minor issues due to failed components … the power jack control board failed during the first year and the hot water heater bypass valve failed. Truck Camper Warehouse hustled a new control board to me and the manufacturer sent me a new bypass valve. Both parts covered under warranty, otherwise no issues.

      I spent a good deal of time searching the internet for customer feedback on camper brands and dealers. That is an important step in buying a new camper.

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      I certainly hope it’s not the same for all manufacturers cause then the industry would need to do some serious work. As I wrote though it’s the only TC we’ve had so I can’t compare.
      I did a whole lot of research including from this site. I must have missed something!

      If I wanted a DIY kit I would have bought one is all I know. The place I bought it from said when we left “you’ll learn a lot about the TC as time goes”! I’ll say, I know what they meant now.

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