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      I need to paint a fiberglass repair. I’ve researched this online and the more I read the less I know what to use to paint the repair (a small gash near top of cab-over after a major windstorm in National Forest).

      Anybody have experience with this and can let me know what paint (I find gel coat, marine and automotive as possibilities) and the procedure to use as some talk about a primer others say not, some say gel coat with wax others not, some say you need to cover gel coat like with plastic wrap to cure others not…………….?

      Neither Northstar nor the manufacturer of the fiberglass, LAMILUX (Lamilux 1000 panel) can inform the correct color! Or I should say Lamilux, a German company, doesn’t reply to my email.

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      I am not sure where you are, but where I live we have an excellent supplier of all types of auto body repair materials as well as paint and accessories. They are great with color matching, if you take your rig to them and will actually come to where you are if they are headed to one of their larger customers. They can also recommend what paint to use. You might see what they have to say if you have some place similar near you. 🙂


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      Thanks Ardvark. I’ve been to a large local RV dealer. They sent me to an auto paint shop as they said that’s the place they use. The paint shop only had automotive so of course that is what they’d sell me.

      Meanwhile I kept on reading online and decided Gel Coat is the way to go. I found a place in FL with excellent information, free shipping and what they say is Brushable Gel Coat that can be applied with the proper brush or roller.

      Not possible to match color so it will be white and I’ll see how it all goes. The small area needing paint isn’t too visible anyway.

      So to anyone else reading this, no more need to reply. (Mike – Is there a way to close subjects on the Forum I wonder?)

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      Well, before you close maybe you could share the F/G gel info source in FL?

      Thanks, phil

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      Good thought.
      It is called Bottom Paint Store.

      A How To Here:Bottom Paint Store

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      Perfect, Very much appreciated,


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