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      I am new to truck camper rv’s.
      I have a 2017 Ford F-250 and a 2011 Lance 855 (no slide) and need to make this combination work safely. Long story how I ended up with this combination.
      I have not had the opportunity to mount the camper to the truck yet. I have a 3/4” stall Mat in the bed, added timbrens and lower adjustable stable loads to the suspension. What if anything else will I need to do to make this truck and camper combination work?
      I also understand that Ford raised their bed rail and cab heights on the newer trucks and changed the design of the rear bumper. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      T.R., I have a 2016 F350 and a 2004 Lance 845. I also had cab clearance issues so we lay 3 2×6 boards flat in the bed before loading the camper. It squeaks a bit, but gives good clearance.

      Since my camper is under 3000# wet, I went with the CR Brophy Machine Works HSSF Brophy Black Finish Heavy Duty Tie Downs ($140 on Amazon). These have worked well so far.

      I haven’t needed any suspension mods yet, but may add airbags once I start towing my bay boat.

      I hope this helps. Good luck with your rig.

      2016 Ford F350 SRW
      2004 Lance 845

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      Oh yeah, one more tip. Fill your tank and take your truck across a set of CAT scales at a local truck stop with and without the camper (around $13 per weigh-in). Then compare those weights to the capacity sticker on your driver’s door jam.

      There is a CAT Scales phone app so you can put in the location code posted on the scale. The app will charge a credit card and email you a certification of the weight.

      As a comparison, my short bed single rear wheel F350 6.7L diesel weighs 8600# with me and a full tank. Add the camper with one battery, two 20# propane tanks and 33 gallons of fresh water and the rig weighs in at 11,460#. So the camper weighs around 3000# by the time I add some supplies and baggage.

      Finally, check the load range of your tires to ensure you don’t overload them.

      2016 Ford F350 SRW
      2004 Lance 845

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      Though it’ll quite easily do the job, the 3/4” rubber mat sounds like it might add a hundred pounds or so of unnecessary weight…

      What I’ve used since 2005 that works very well is 1”x 4’x8’ dense foam foil faced sheathing board for about $20 bucks at Home Depot….Holds up extremely well long term (does not compress over time) and provides a bit of underside insulation as well…Atop this I use a 1/4” rubber bed mat…Wet with 60 gal FW, two 30# LPG and travel gear camper is about 4,950#…

      Without added this inch of spacer the Eagle Cap 995 camper will hit the top of the rear bumper on my 2016 Ram dually…

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      T.R. I ran into the same issue of cab clearance with my 08 F-350 and a 2000 Alpenlite Cimarron 850. The cab clearance was only about an inch. I added 4 – 8 foot 2 x 6’s screwed in to the bottom of the camper floor. In addition to adding the necessary additional 1 3/4″ of clearance to the cab, it also provides a sturdy beam base for the floor to rest on when removed from camper and resting on saw horses. I hop in and out of the camper with confidence now.

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        Mello Mike

        I’d love to see a pic of your 2×6 arrangement, Fin.


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      Hi Mike,

      I have attached the photo you were looking for. It may need a bit of explanation; I added 4 – 2×6’s full length from front to back. These are simply screwed into the plywood floor and are used to support the camper when it is on the saw horses. I have also screwed strips of rubber onto the 2×6’s to add some non-slip for when its in the bed of the truck. My F350 has a typical vinyl liner and the camper would sometimes move around a bit when I was was on less than level surfaces. The rubber has prevented this as well. Nothing too fancy, but it all works. I will be adding additional rubber strips to the rear of the 2×6’s as well.


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