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      Can I fit a Lance 650 on my 2005 F250 extended cab with 6’7.5″ bed? I read in two locations in truckcamperadventure that the 650 fits “most” short bed trucks, “the lone exception being the lenghty 6’7.5″ short beds found on the Ford F250 and F350 trucks”. Heartbroken. Can’t find that exception mentioned elsewhere but I trust truckcamperadventure.

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      Mello Mike

      Yes, that’s what was explained to me. The camper is made for both mini short-bed and regular short-bed campers. However, you might want to confirm that with Lance Camper’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Bob Rogers. His email is bobr@lancecamper.com. Good luck and let us know what Bob says.

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        I spoke at length with Dewey Walker from Lance and here is how he explained the Lance 650 / Ford F250/350 issue. The Superduties have a higher cab roof than other trucks. It’s necessary to install a platform to raise the 650 about two inches off the truck bed for a safe two inches clearance above the cab roof. Dealers know how to do it, he said. Dewey carries his demo 650 on a F350. I questioned the raise in vertical COG and was told it was mimimal. This raise would also solve my problem of my fifth wheel hitch rails left in the bed when I remove the 5W hitch.
        In the course of the conversation Dewey recommended air bags over SES, saying the big double bags would provide lateral stability.

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