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      russell scott

      I have a 1996 Jayco 8’popup with NO battery compartment & a simple 120AC to 12vDC converter. IT uses a 4 pin connector which the previous owner connected by means of external wiring & alligator clips to the truck battery. It all works fine;it’s a good simple rig for mild weather. Don’t want to get too complex. How about installing a deep-cycle battery, convert the 4pin to 7pin, add a charger /converter like the Progressive Dynamics? seems fairly straightforward. Any easier solutions or recommendations? Cheers,rubber side down!

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      That’s about all you have to do. I would shop Craigslist for a converter. Keep it simple and keep the cost down. You can always add, if you decide you want to go higher tech like some of the folks you read about here or in other forums.

      Remember you will not see the amperage you get from the alligator on the battery. Amperage down the charge lead from the truck is quite low, so if you are thinking you need a to make other changes which add amp draw from the battery and will not be living on the cord often (plugged in), that is something to consider. 🙂

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      It’s common to mount a battery tray on the tongue.
      If you mount it inside, I recommend using a battery box and venting it with one vent through the floor, and one through the wall to expel gases while charging.

      In my truck camper, I use a 12v float charger connected to the 120v shore power so that it tops off the battery when plugged in.
      A 120v relay disconnects the battery from the “house” power while at the same time connecting the converter. This prevents the converter from cooking your battery and isolates the two systems.
      The relay is less than $20 and float chargers are fairly inexpensive.
      It’s a DIY way to add onto what you already have.

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